This is my story–who I am and what led me to become a real estate expert.

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I became a Real Estate Agent with Vanguard Properties
real estate agent woman smiling in a photo on a couch

Dusty Roady is a top agent, paired with the best technology, team, and tools in the business. Combined with her charming personality, extensive and continuing education, and high level of customer service, she becomes an obvious pick for many clients.

Live band performance at Boom Boom Room, San Francisco, CA
woman playing guitar while another woman plays piano

Twenty years prior to this performance, I picked up a duct-taped acoustic guitar from Goodwill and started classes at Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco. Within a few years I went electric, moved up to an ivory Fender Stratocaster, and now play rhythm/solo rock and blues with Blue Bear bands!

Launched Roady's Races endurance event company
woman in cycling gear posing next to her bike

I started an event company to host local running races and triathlons to raise money for animal rescue.

I achieved EMT certification
woman playing guitar while another woman plays piano

There was a part of me that always wanted to be an EMT. It was one of the hardest courses I had ever taken, but I did what I had to do to make it happen, and I still carry this certification.

I gained my teaching credentials

I earned my teaching credentials in Science, English, and PE and taught high school in Marin.

Whole Athlete Associate Coach
woman coaching a swimmer in a pool of what to do

I started this program to help coach and train individual athletes so that they could reach personal best. I continue to be devoted to fitness.

USA Triathlon National Championships
woman wearing medals and sunglasses after winning a triathlon

I met my goal as an elite athlete in both power and endurance. I achieved what I initially thought wasn’t possible and have built a winning triathlon portfolio for over 20 years. In 45 races, I earned thirteen #1 spots, broke a course record at Treasure Island, and received sponsorships from Promax Nutrition and Claritin.

I became a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Dominican University of California

I was the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Dominican University of California, helping all athletes achieve their fitness goals and go for the win.

woman wearing medals and sunglasses after winning a triathlon
Business owner, Excel Fitness

My passion not only was my job, but gave me the opportunity to empower others to do the same thing. The goal was to teach others safe and effective exercise methods and to extend longevity and empower others to reach personal best 

group of women flexing their arms together in front of a weight
My first Triathlon

My friends signed up for a race and needed a runner to complete their relay team. I couldn’t even spell triathlon and knew virtually nothing about the sport. But it sounded cool. I tagged along, and guess what? We won!  

house being built on a plot of land while the sun is setting
I became one of the top 20 powerlifters in the US

I was able to acheive something I was chasing for some time and broke into the top 20. This was a big win for me and pushed me to keep pursuing greatness in the sport for many years to come.

woman lifting weights